Gardens of Eagan Bids Farewell
Photo by Drew Shonka

Gardens of Eagan Bids Farewell

After 7 years of owning and operating Gardens of Eagan, the Wedge Co-op has harvested its last crops. We are very proud of the accomplishments of our farm manager and employees and truly appreciate the support of our customers and the community.

Many wonderful things have come from owning this land, including:

The Wedge Community Co-op continues to look for a buyer who will preserve the integrity of the land and maintain the organic practices and operations that we put into place. We have received a lot of interest from people who want to operate an organic farm in the metro area, and build on the foundation established by GOE. Ideally, the new owners will continue to maintain the farming practices we have all worked so hard to build during the past 7 years.

Any questions about the sale of Gardens of Eagan can be directed to

Wedge Community Co-op